Clubhouse – Worth The Invite? Perspective from Blue Mind Social

Clubhouse – Worth The Invite? Perspective from Blue Mind Social

Here we go again… Yep, I hear you! As with all things new in social, it’s worth investigating and making an informed decision as to whether it’s right for you. I’ve been on Clubhouse observing for a month and these are my findings so far… (scroll down for Pro Tips and the ultimate set-up guide)

Clubhouse is a social audio app which launched in the US in April 2020 and garnered 2.5million followers after just 9 months. You need an invite to access the app and it’s currently only available for iOS users, although the Android version will be released soon.

You can navigate across different rooms where people talk about topics they care about, and you’re free to join these rooms if you want to take part or just listen in. ‘Mods’ or moderators can organise and host rooms with people they know, professionals they want to share insights with, or even celebrities.

Vanilla Ice (who happens to be a successful real estate developer), Tyrese Gibson from The Fast & The Furious film franchise (who was looking for a CEO for one of his companies) and Lindsey Lohan were in rooms and chatting openly when I visited. There’s also a few not-so-humble types describing themselves as “from homeless to billionaire”, but that’s not really the point.


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