Unlocking Growth and Success Through Mentorship

In Dorset’s growing landscape of digital, creative, and tech industries, mentorship emerges as a beacon guiding aspiring talents and seasoned professionals alike towards success. At Silicon South, our mentorship programme stands to do just that, facilitating meaningful connections between freelancers, mentors, businesses, and aspiring talents. In this article, we delve into the multiple benefits of our mentorship program through the voices of our community members.

“Being a mentor has been an incredibly rewarding opportunity. Sharing my experience and insights with start-up entrepreneurs not only gives back to the community but also enriches my own understanding. Mentoring allows me to stay updated with emerging trends and technologies while passing on knowledge that can help shape the next generation of innovators.”

Anthony Story, Mentor

Mentors like Anthony play a valuable role in nurturing talent and guiding mentees through the complexities of their respective industries. Their wealth of experience serves as a compass of sorts, steering mentees towards their professional goals while avoiding common pitfalls.

My mentoring was absolutely invaluable because I was able to get insights and advice from someone who had already been through the stage I was at at the time. We’ve gone on to build a fantastic relationship and I just don’t think my business would be in the strong position it is today without the mentoring I had.”

— Jamie Derrick, Mentee and MD of JD E-Commerce

For mentees like Jamie, the mentorship programme acts as a catalyst for personal and professional growth. From skill development to networking opportunities, mentees gain access to a wealth of resources that can inspire, accelerate their career trajectory and take their businesses to the next level.

“Our mentorship programme connects diverse talents within Dorset’s digital, creative, and tech industries. We feel lucky to be able to help bridge a gap between local mentors and mentees in the pursuit of a more bonded, innovative and successful growing business community here. It’s a lovely thing to witness, the impact of mentorship on everyone involved.”

Cathleen Malone, Silicon South Programme Manager

Cath highlights the broader impact of the mentorship programme on BCP and wider Dorset community. It does its bit to help prop up a growing ecosystem where businesses do well, freelancers have a good time while making their money, and aspiring talents find their footing.


Join the journey! Whether you’re a seasoned professional looking to give back or a newbie to the industry who’s itching to learn and grow, Silicon South’s mentorship programme offers a valuable, funded way to grow in refreshing new directions.

Instructions on how to become or find a business mentor can be found here.


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