EPM Agency swells it’s Designer capability

EPM is keen to shout out about their latest addition to the design team Ollie.
Joining as a Junior Designer – he offers some new options to blend creativity with innovation.

To offer a deeper glimpse, Ollie has recounted his journey in his own voice:
“Ever since I was young, creativity has been an innate part of me, coupled with an insatiable curiosity and a passion for learning. My academic years allowed me to delve into various facets of art and design, but I found myself particularly drawn to graphic design, which led me to pursue Visual Communications.
While studying Visual Communications at AUB, I cultivated a deep interest in branding and typography. I was always eager to take on industry-centric projects, whether it was introducing scotch whisky to a new demographic for Chivas Regal, devising a groundbreaking ad campaign for eBay, or diving deep into UX and UI design through live projects with companies like EPM Agency.
My university years were enriched by collaboration with my peers. Working in a bustling studio environment, surrounded by many talented individuals, and exchanging ideas and critiques, I attribute a significant part of my growth to this experience.
I firmly believe that effective design is instrumental in giving voice to ideas and making them tangible. Crafting a concise narrative and elevating the user journey results in enduring recognition.
While I frequently use tools like Photoshop and Illustrator, I always look to enhance my capabilities with each undertaking. Over the past three years, I’ve dabbled in projects ranging from animation and motion graphics to traditional photographic techniques, all in a bid to refine my design prowess.
As I embark on this new phase, with the rapid strides in technology and AI shaping the design discourse, designers must stay abreast and evolve. I’m eager to embrace these changes and explore innovative methods to collaborate with AI.”

Ollie’s enthusiasm and dedication to design shine through. EPM eagerly anticipate the novel insights and pioneering concepts he will infuse into the team.

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