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  • Tech Based Products
  • e-Commerce
  • Data & Database Management
  • App & Mobile
Key Clients
  • Yellow Buses
  • morebus
  • Transdev
  • Cardiff Bus
  • East Yorkshire
  • Brighton & Hove
  • Reading Buses
  • Nottingham City Transport
  • Smart Cities
  • SaaS
  • Public Transport
  • Mobile Ticketing
  • MaaS
  • Future Mobility
  • App Development


Passenger delivers scalable digital technology to public transport operators. This includes mobile app ticketing, travel information apps, data feeds, websites and voice technology.

Our digital services platform, Passenger Cloud, empowers operators and their teams to deliver a customer experience that makes sustainable, shared mass transit a convenient travel option.

Our customers include Transdev, Cardiff Bus, East Yorkshire, Brighton & Hove, Reading Buses, Nottingham City Transport and Go-Ahead Ireland.

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