Centrakin is a GovTech startup that helps local authorities (LA’s) to regularly collect and maintain important data across multiple agendas, through incentivising businesses, citizens and staff to share this data in a quick, easy and useful way.

Centrakin is developing an engagement platform for LA’s to better serve businesses, organisations and providers, reducing administrative burdens and giving an easy, single contact point for organisations into an LA. In turn, this data will increase promotion and take-up, at the same time as helping citizens to self-serve, discover and access the services they want to achieve the outcomes they need, in a constantly-adapting supply landscape (such as that experienced during the pandemic). This will be delivered through innovation, novel data techniques and emerging technology.

Gary Todd, founder of Centrakin, is an innovator with a broad, multi-sector career, ranging from defence engineering to Children’s Services. An active member of techUK’s Local Public Services Committee, he founded Centrakin to revolutionise the delivery of information to citizens in the Public Sector and is currently focused on Employee Wellbeing and the Future of Work. Gary is an advocate for public services, Open Data, responsible AI, cross-sector collaboration and citizen empowerment.


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