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Welcome to Astra Connections: Your Sales & Marketing Powerhouse

Hey there! I’m AJ Mathers, and at Astra Connections, we’re all about one thing: helping you crush it in sales and marketing.

Our Expertise: Unleashing Digital Fury

– Tailored Strategies: We craft custom-tailored strategies to turn your business into a sales machine.

– Social Media Mastery: Our social media prowess ensures your audience is hooked and ready to buy.

– SEO Supremacy: Dominate the search results and stand out from the crowd.

– Compelling Content: From killer copy to eye-catching visuals, we make sure your brand shines.

– Email Excellence: Our email campaigns drive conversions and fill your pipeline with hot leads.

– Sales Sorcery**: Forge relationships and turn prospects into loyal customers at lightning speed.

Join the Astra Connection: Where Sales Dreams Become Reality

At Astra Connections, we deliver results, not promises. Ready to supercharge your sales and marketing? Let’s make it happen.


  • Advertising/Marketing/PR
  • Events
  • Project & Strategic Support
  • Business Development & Sales
  • Professional Services

Skills & Services

  • Business Strategy
  • Budgeting
  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Email Automation
  • B2B Marketing
  • Sales
  • web analytics
  • Marketing Strategy
  • Digital Strategy
  • Web Content Management
  • Social Media Marketing

Key People

  • AJ - 07594603014

Key Clients

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