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Antronics Ltd


  • Tech Based Products
  • Software & Development
  • Professional Services
  • Design
Key Clients
    • Software Development
    • Prototyping
    • Microcontrollers
    • M2M
    • IoT
    • Interfacing
    • Firmware Development
    • Embedded Systems
    • Development
    • Consultancy


    Antronics Ltd provides embedded firmware development and consultancy services on a contract basis, with particular experience in IoT, M2M, and remote monitoring applications. With over 20 years experience to call upon, ranging from radar systems to vending machines, we can bring a unique insight to your embedded microcontroller project.

    Our core competence is firmware development in 'C' for interfacing, control, and communication with embedded microcontrollers, but we do also have a good understanding of analogue & digital electronic systems with the ability to read datasheets & schematics, understand board level designs, use test equipment, solder, etc.

    Clients have ranged from big-names like BT to small start-ups - both locally and as far afield as Silicon Valley.

    We are familiar with development for prototypes, demonstrators, and proofs-of-concept as well as "production" projects.

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