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Steering Group

Silicon South

SiSo helps people and companies, working in the creative digital industries, to expand knowledge, build confidence and develop their potential.

Steering Group

The Steering Group (S.G.) is formed of up to 20 representatives from the Digital, Creative and Tech sector, from companies that are Supporters of the Network. It meets 6 times each year to: provide guidance about the work to be curated by the Delivery Team, review the team’s plans for delivery and respond to the effectiveness of the actions performed.

Each member of the Steering Group sits on a working group which considers specific elements needed to deliver the aims of the Network. These working groups meet outside of the main Group to develop new and ongoing concepts. These concepts are fed back to the full Group for further comment before steering the next stage of activities to be delivered by the delivery team.

The Delivery Team takes the ideas generated by the Steering Group and is responsible for forming strategies to deliver the outcomes. They feedback to Group to give an overview of progress and together the team and Group ensure the operations are viable, achievable and effective.

The founding members of the Steering group include: