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A Fresh Look For Our Network

20 Dec 2019 | Local News

After the wonderfully-supported launch of the Network last month, lots of you have told us ‘That’s a great idea – but what will it do for me’? We’ve summed it up in an easy to digest format, so you can make sense of it all. Please take a look at our new landing page – and we hope you decide to be part of this grassroots ambition to build a stronger sector and region.

What is it?
The network exists to raise the recognition, ambition and capabilities of people and companies in the digital, creative and tech sectors in Dorset. We’ve launched as a grassroots ambition to build a stronger sector and region, and we need you to be a part of it.

What are the aims?
The network exists to deliver 3 ambitions:

  • Connect your business with customers who want to buy what you have to sell
  • Drive higher-quality talent to apply for jobs in your business – in greater numbers
  • Support the skills, knowledge and abilities of your workforce – from leader to new recruit

So why sign up?
There are two incentives: ‘What you’ll get straight away’ and ‘The Big Picture’. Both are designed to help your business thrive – either right now or in the future – by making sure you get better talent, advice and customer leads.

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